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Choose Accredited Hospitality Management Colleges To Pursue A Career In This Field Of Work

A management course in hospitality prepares students for applying to different managerial positions across different organizations in the arena of this field. On completion of the management course, you can seek different job roles in resorts, restaurants, hotels, clubs, casinos, airlines. Cruise lines, various event management companies, spas, sports facilities and recreational centers. This management courses are often part of any management program or are an individual course all by itself. Students who opt for a minor or major course in this discipline receives an in-depth management based knowledge which is followed by curriculum based on the fundamentals of business.

Gamut of institutes

Plethora of hospitality management colleges provides these courses. These colleges boast of their state-of-the-art facility and international faculty. Few noted colleges that cater this course are Cornell University, the University of Denver, the University of Nevada, Michigan State University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Boston University, Pennsylvania State University and Ohio State University. Over the years, these colleges have built rapport with different hotels and students can are placed in these hotels where they can gain practical experience. Each of these institutes has their individual regulations related to internship and students have to complete the same. Few colleges have provision of internship for students in different countries.

Look for accreditation

Topics of specialization also vary depending on the institute that you choose. Even the duration of the internship varies as per the institute that you choose. Curriculum of the course catered by these colleges emphasizes on the different managerial aspect of the job, so that they can adapt to the professional world well. Accreditation of these institutes is also important. There are two accrediting body in the country, one is the Commission for Hospitality Management Programs and the other is Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration. Depending on the nature of the course that is offered these institutes are accredited.

Medical Assistants – The New Upcoming Career

Medical assistants are the upcoming new career in the medical industry. There has been a need lately to categorize each job in the medical industry and this has given rise to a new career of medical assistants. If you have been interested in medicine and administrative work as well, then this is the career calling for you. A medical assistant gives preliminary medical attention to the patients, prepares them for the examination table, and monitors the vital signs of the patients while also keeping an eye on the administration of the healthcare facility, taking care of the doctors’ schedules, looking after the accounts of the facility and other such activities.

Training for medical assistants

If you are interested to take this up as a career, you can go for online schools for medical assistant. The timings are flexible and you can attend the training sessions while working. Some online schools are Kaplan University, Allied School, San Joaquin Valley College, Keiser University. You can interact with the faculty members before enrolling to find your suitability for the career. The students are taught physiology, anatomy, effects of medicines and also some administrative jobs such as maintaining of accounts, working out time schedules of doctors.

Career Concerns

Since there has been a huge growth in the medical sector, the requirement for medical assistants has also shot up. To accommodate the various ailments of people, the healthcare facilities have gone up. There are now various divisions and subdivisions in the healthcare segment. The online schools for medical assistant makes you fully prepared to handle medical cases. They can gain employment in doctor’s chambers, pain management clinics, chiropractor’s offices and other such medical facilities. Due to the numerous medical chambers, the career opportunities of medical assistants are huge. Further, medical assistants earn a decent living.