The city of Seattle resides on an inlet between Puget Sound and Lake Washington. Its close proximity to the SeaTac area and the Pacific Ocean make it a wonderful place to enjoy a meal fit for Poseidon. While you’re visiting the Seattle area, you’ll delight in the culinary options. Check out three of the best seafood restaurants at or near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Ivar’s Fish Bar

Where were you in 1938? Odds are that you weren’t even alive, but your great grandparents could have eaten at Ivar’s Fish Bar all the way back in pre-World War II Seattle. Yes, the roots of this restaurant trace back approximately eight decades. It has stood the test of time due to the quality of its seafood.

What do you need to know about Ivar’s Fish Bar? The marketing slogan is “acres of clams,” which gives you a hint about what you should order. Of course, that’s just one location. Each of the three full-service Ivar’s locations has a motto and an accompanying name. You can also dine at Ivar’s Salmon House, where the flavors swim upstream. Alternately, you may choose one of the 22 seafood bars in the area.

When you’re in the greater SeaTac area, you’re never far from an Ivar’s. You can find an affordable hotel near SeaTac and then visit the location nearest to you. If you only have a few hours between flights, just eat at the Ivar’s Fish Bar in the airport. Make certain that someone in your party orders the clams, though. They’re divine.

Vino Volo

Sometimes, a glass of wine is the best way to calm your nerves when traveling. Vino Volo is a chain of wine bar restaurants at or near major North American airports. The SeaTac location is in the Central Terminal Marketplace. While it’s not open 24 hours, it is in operation at least 15 hours a day. Even when you’re flying into SeaTac from an international destination in a much different time zone, you can probably get a drink.

Don’t let the extensive wine menu fool you, though. This place has phenomenal seafood. You can pair Smoked Salmon Rolls with something from the Sommelier Series to feel like airport royalty. Vino Volo also has good Wi-Fi, sometimes better than the airport’s own network. You can combine your love of the grape with some surfing.

Bigfoot Food and Spirits

You may not want to know the secret ingredient here, but the Sasquatch is delicious. OK, this restaurant doesn’t claim to sell Bigfoot, only entrees that play on the theme. You can order Rob’s Beastly BBQ Feast, Northwest Legend Ribs, or Wooki Wings.

The seafood here is surprisingly decent, too. The Clam Chowder is hearty, and Sasquatch’s Favorite Salmon is exquisite. Most of the menu is rich in protein, making this Concourse C establishment one of the most popular at the airport.

Whether you choose to stay at the airport or head over to a nearby seafood place, you’ll love your time in Seattle. It’s a fish lover’s paradise, with several restaurants worthy of a meal.