Imagine vacationing in a place where great weather is basically guaranteed and you can see the sunset from almost anywhere. Does this sound like heaven? What if there were a place like this on Earth? Surprisingly, Long Beach, California comes pretty close.

There are many reasons you will feel like you are in paradise when you visit Long Beach. Its year-round mild climate makes it a perfect place to vacation virtually any time of the year. You can enjoy waking up to a beautiful sunrise and winding down to a stunning sunrise every evening. There are many local eateries and attractions for you to enjoy, and you’ll have opportunities to learn about its history and see beautiful art collections. There are countless reasons you’ll swoon for Long Beach, but here are the top three.

The Weather Is Mild in Long Beach, California

You can count on Long Beach for great weather no matter the time of the year you plan your vacation. The weather usually isn’t too hot or too cold. Here are some compelling facts about Long Beach’s climate:

  • It averages 13 inches of rain each year, which is lower than the U.S. average.
  • You never have to worry about getting snowed in.
  • You have an 80 percent chance of enjoying sunny days.
  • Long Beach’s comfort index is 88, which is 34 points higher than the average U.S. city.

Long Beach’s Breathtaking Sunset Views

You don’t have to go to Jamaica to enjoy an island-worthy sunset. You can enjoy the sunset a few different ways. Try booking a cruise and enjoying dinner and the sunset along the local canals. You can also enjoy sunset views at different restaurants on the boardwalk or from a hot air balloon. Grab a blanket and a bottle of wine from your hotel’s gift shop and take in the sunset from Signal Hill’s Hilltop Park.

You’ll Love the Long Beach Museum of Art

Long Beach is not only beautiful, but it also has substance. The Elizabeth Milbank Anderson House is home to the Long Beach Museum of Art, which offers group, docent, and school tours. The museum has thousands of works of art and rotating exhibitions. The museum is not only a place for tourists, but it also enriches the local community with a variety of local educational programs.

Memorialize your visit at Claire’s at the Museum, a restaurant located on the museum grounds. You can dine inside the Anderson House or have a meal outside. Outdoor dining will allow you to see Claire Falkenstein’s renowned “Structure and Flow” water sculpture. You’ll also get to see the historic Queen Mary and enjoy the view of Catalina Island.

If you have your sights set on paradise, then that means Long Beach is clearly in your vision. There are many local attractions and opportunities to learn about art and culture. The best thing about vacationing in Long Beach is that the beautiful views are free!