Public health is one of the sectors in which you get the chance to directly improve people’s lives. To some people, a career is about more than just making money. If you are the kind of person who gets self-fulfillment from helping others, a career in public health is definitely something you should consider.

To break into this field, a Master’s degree is often required. Among the best available options is the Master of Public Health Online, offered by the University of Southern California’s (USC) Keck School of Medicine. In addition to the excellent global reputation of UFC, Keck School in itself is one of the top-ranked medical schools in the country. The Master of Public Health program is delivered by a world-renowned faculty and is considered one of the top degrees to get in this field. The course, which can be completed 100% online, has five specializations for students to choose from:

  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology: People specializing in this field play a key role in determining the best methods to prevent, treat, and control the spreading of disease.
  • Global Health Leadership: Working as a global health leader means discussing the spread and transmission of diseases that can impact millions of people around the world by promoting the best practices for facing those diseases and preventing them from spreading.
  • Health Education and Promotion: Working in this sector is all about raising public awareness of health improvement methods for an overall safer and healthier world.
  • Health Services and Policy: People in the health services and policy sector work at the intersection of healthcare and law. Those professionals study the laws and regulations related to public health policies and focus on shaping those policies in the best way to serve the people.

In addition to having multiple specialization fields, the degree also has a number of competitive advantages that make entering this field an even more attractive option:

  • The degree can be completed 100% online; students can complete this degree anywhere around the world
  • Three annual start dates to choose from
  • Live sessions by expert faculty staff
  • A strong alumni network of 379,000 USC grads

In the field of public healthcare, staying constantly updated is very important. Attending seminars and staying up to date is vital for success. All of the fields inside the public health sector require this kind of learning perseverance. In addition to providing entry into the different fields of specialization in the healthcare sector, the network students build while completing their degree is very useful while attending seminars or planning the next career move.