Travelling isn’t like a game of Ludo, it takes time to understand, to develop instincts, to develop decision making skills. So, it is a better option to stay dipped in the world of travelers rather than roaming around the world in an isolated manner.

Alex in Wanderland

Alex is without doubt one of the most inspiring names in the world of travelers. Her kind and loving personality reflect through her photography, and her writing. Any beginner in travel will abruptly fall in love with her adventures and will find a sense of direction as to how they are going to conquer the world.

Expert Vogabond

Matt, founder of Expert Vogabond blog is master of a daring and challenge-seeking personality, and you will see that once you start reading his articles. The guy is sucker for off-the-beaten-path destination, dares to reach the limits wherever he visits, and has a very inspiring way of going about and facing his challenges.

Nomadic Matt

Matt from nomadic Matt seems like the philosopher to me. Not only does this guy focus on his travel, but he also tries very hard to help fellow travelers, especially beginners who need just a push and a little bit of education on the matter. Nomadic Matt is also a great blog to read regularly because the blog features writing from several other very famous travelers too.