Sorry for the lack of posting recently. I just got a new job, so I’ve been settling into that for the past week or so.

Anyway, the big news of course this week was the Google and Sun alliance. It turned out to be a bit less grand than everyone thought, but still an interesting development. Sun and Google have basically partnered up to try to increase the use of Java. So no Google Office, yet, but I’m pretty sure something is in the works.

In other news, Apple is going to make (another) big announcement next week, on October 12th. There have been rumors surrounding the possibility of a video iPod, but those are most likely fake. Why would Apple release a potential competitor to the Nano when it is selling so well. More than likely, they have a video iPod already finished, or very near-finished and are just waiting for a slump in sales or ideas to release it. Next week’s release will likely be an 80Gb regular iPod which will be slightly smaller than previous full size iPods. Powerbook screen resolutions should get a bit of an increase over their previously terrible resolutions, which I suppose is to try to keep a five year old design alive just long enough so that they can get Intel chips into them. Even with Apple’s support of all things HD, their laptops aren’t even close to being able to view it! And I actually doubt that even the new resolutions will be going up to uxga.

Anyway, I’ll try to start posting more now. I think I’ll stop using as many pictures, because it actually takes longer to get the pictures and size them and everything than it does to just write the post.