Summer months are a great time to pack some bags and head out on a road trip in your car. They are far more enjoyable than other kinds of visits and tours because they offer a convenience of setting your own time. They offer exciting opportunities to make new memories with friends or family. Although a road trip sounds thrilling there are certain measures to remember before you start planning your own highway adventure.

Road trips are always associated with long periods of driving and prolonged sitting, which can be bad for your blood circulation if your car is congested. This can have a negative impact on our health as it heightens the risk of a deep vein thrombosis developing in our body. Since the lower limbs are more prone to deep vein thrombosis it is important to expose them to adequate movement and exercise whenever you stop for a break or to refuel. Squats are especially effective since they engage your lower muscles. Visit the HealthIQ website to learn about more exercises and other tips to prepare for a road trip.

Being on the road isn’t an excuse to miss out on healthy, balanced meals, which is why you should pack some food for the trip and place them in a cooler so they stay fresh. Snacks that are rich in B12 vitamins are highly recommended for an energy consuming trip so munch on foods like beef jerky because they improve cell production. Don’t overeat while on a trip by keeping the cooler in the trunk and eat in moderate servings. Take out time to mark places on your route that can provide healthy meals so you can prevent eating at unhealthy fast food joints.

Wear loose clothes to promote circulation and apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. Lower the steering wheel to prevent unnecessary strain while improving your posture. Driving during the late hours of night and mid-afternoon is dangerous since you’re drowsy at this time. Remember to get enough sleep and take naps to reenergize. Take a quiz at and put your road trip knowledge to the test!