Costa Rica’s name reminds of the lush forests, greenery and Will Smith’s movie of After Earth. Costa Rica has everything there is that you need a dose of fresh air and lots of greenery. The breath-taking scenery of rainforests engulfs your inner soul to become one with nature.

Where to stay

The lavish beachfront homes in Costa Rica is guaranteed going to take every second of dream a perfect tropical dream vacation come true, a little taste of sweet juice coconut or a peach and watermelon shake and you’re good to go, but there is so much more Costa Rica has to offer to its visitors.

About the Location

Costa Rica “Rich Coast” stays true in nature and meaning as it reflects the luxuriance of beaches in its borders, Nicaragua in the North, the Pacific Ocean in the west, the Caribbean Sea to the east, Ecuador to its south and Panama in the southeast.

Why visit Costa Rica?


Yes, Costa Rica is the ultimate volcano sightseeing destination in the world with 129 volcanoes,  around 5, 358 feet high. Volcano lovers and enthusiasts are welcome to experience this attention grabbing mighty volcanoes and get the best view while Zip lining in the most famous destination within the country.

Will Smith’s movie of After Earth is one iconic movie that was taken in La Arenal, now you know where to go when you want to check out the places featured in Hollywood Movies.

Beach, beach and more beach…

Not one or two but the whole country is surrounded by beaches, drown in the beauty of each scenery while overlooking in your villa or hotel room, then take a dip into the ocean water borders.

The country has implemented laws and abides to protect its natural resources for decades, the growth and evolution of its ecosystem remain undisturbed.

Friendly and Peace-loving citizens

Last 2016, the country has been given a recognition as one of the happiest people on the face of the earth, tied with the high life expectancy ratio, you know you’re in good hands living with the people of Costa Rica. Let the citizen’s smile brighten up your day while they share interesting life stories and adventures, the people are friendly to everyone they meet, surely a heaven on earth!

Another fact is that the country has no military army, proving that its citizens promote peace and tranquility.

Prepare for your journey

Each traveler may have different ways to prepare for a get-around on nature destination. For a nature-lover, the best companions to accompany on your Mother Nature discoveries would be a refreshing bottle water, a trusty survival back pack, your camera and a rugged universal phone. Why? It’s easy to fall in love in the depths of the forests that you might find your way deep into its untouched nature, so it’s best to be prepared.

Tours and Things to do

Take a tour in La Arenal Volcano, then take a relaxing dip in Baldi Hot Springs

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Most people travel for sightseeing, rest, and relaxation. Why not get the most health benefits of traveling by taking a dip into Hot springs near the Arenal Volcano? Experts and researchers have long proven that hot springs have natural medicinal benefits to the human body. So not only you get to have a great view of the volcano but these can get you to the optimum healthy state of your mind and body, a sure win-win vacation!

Take relaxation to the next level by doing Yoga and paddle boarding at the same time

You’ve read it right. Paddle boarding standing up is one of the most famous activities in the country yet most might dare to try doing Yoga and stretches at the same time, quite the challenge to most people but you’re a winner when you faced this challenge without falling into the water.

Get the full view of the scenery thru Aerial Tam and Canopy Ziplining

Observing nature from a distance Arenal Reserve aerial tram and Canopy Zipline is a great adventure to get the bird’s eye view of the rainforests but in a safely enclosed cab.

Archaeo-tourism is a new trend  at Costa Rica

 Costa Rica’s National Monument of Guayabo de Turrialba is by far the only archeological site open for public tours, although the site of the farm allows only tourism for small groups open to visitors with a certain fee to view the discovery sites.

Get to know Costa Rica’s History by visiting Stone Spheres on Diquis Delta & on Isla Del Caño

The stone spheres called Disquis Spheres are the best-known stone sculptures on the Isthmo-Columbian area, although their exact significance remains uncertain, myths surround the stones, it is said that these stones came from the lost City of Atlantis or were made as such by nature.

Local legends indicated that the inhabitants were able to soften these rock, limestone which is dissolved by acidic solutions derived from plants. Yet, most of the spheres are made from gabbro, indigenous rocks are known to be acid-resistant.

Some people think that they may have been made by aliens. These stones are to watch out for to add mystery and interest to your travel.

To an adventurous individual, try extreme sports through Rafting on the Pacuare River

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Pacuare River or Rio Pacuare is a popular destination for whitewater rafting, whitewater kayaking, and river boarding, tourists use the rivers to practice rafting because it is the safest rivers among Costa Rica.

You might see exotic animals, like a large number of birds, ocelots, monkeys, and jaguars.